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step 1: affiliate automation academy blueprint

step 2: affiliate Automation Academy masterclass

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want to become a proud owner of a reliable

automated commission generating system

without building one yourself?

want to know how to copy-and-paste it so you can 

start earning as soon as today?


the affiliate automation academy


(Value $997)

No experience needed + full training included!

In This Epic Masterclass, I Will Guide You Through Each Step Of The Process, From Start To Finish, So That You Can Start Earning Big Commissions As Soon As Today...

phase 1 - build your cash machine

In this section, I GIVE you the exact E-Automation system I personally use to generate thousands of strong commissions on autopilot. With the templates I provide here, you're able to get up and running in Just a few simple steps.

phase 2 - laying the foundation

In this section, I'll be revealing a series of 'special strategies' that you can leverage in order to double, triple or quadruple your income on autopilot without putting in long hours. This will attract your perfect customers and position you as their "go-to" authority in your niche.

phase 3 - launch your multi profit funnel

In this section you'll install your done-for-you E-Automation system and watch the magic happen! You'll immediately begin siphoning off new buyer leads & affiliate sales from our done-for-you massive targeted traffic. 

phase 4 - 5 profit-maximizing follow ups

Take my 5-step profit campaigns & DONE-FOR-YOU email templates plus READY-TO-GO autoresponder sequences to maximize your profits and convert cold strangers into buyers that buy over and over again. All 5 follow-ups are set up on timers and sent out automatically to grow your business on auto-pilot! 

phase 5 - get unlimited leads & affiliate sales!

At this point you'll be receiving passive traffic and generating new leads & huge affiliate commissions. After we put the finishing touches on your reliable commission generating system, driving new traffic is so easy you can do it from your smartphone!


This Masterclass comes with every template, tool, and resource imaginable so you can set this up in record time!

**You'll receive instant access to EVERYTHING you see here and MORE when you grab this offer now!

claude, but why share your golden goose?

Well there are actually a few reasons...

First - it's my way of saying THANK YOU for buying the affiliate automation academy blueprint.

Second - it gives me the ability to get another one of my products into your hands and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

Which will help you grow your company and hopefully keep you around longterm as a customer.

By offering 96% off my fee and backing you up with an E-Automation Success Guarantee, I've already made it easy for you to decide to get started.

But I didn’t stop there.

I'm also going to ethically bribe you to get started fast by throwing in $32,370 worth of fast action bonuses.

$9,997 VALUE

One click install super affiliate bot

I've built you an entire super affiliate chatbot in a box which you can clone with just a few clicks using a special piece of software.

This super affiliate chatbot is not for sale anywhere on the internet.

This is a 100% exclusive bonus only for the members of my affiliate automation academy masterclass who act fast. 

You can use it to build your own large responsive email list and start making big commissions. You don't even need a website or domain for this. So if you were worrying about not having enough time to get everything done, or worrying that you're not technical enough - we got you covered.

Here's what inside my super affiliate chatbot in a box:

Ready made -- this super affiliate bot targets the most popular affiliate categories and is ready to activate.

Best converting offers - earn from preloaded hundreds of products and high converting offers from the 3 largest affiliate networks on the web: ClickBank, JvZoo, Warrior Plus.

Done-for-you e-letters -- super affiliates make money by mailing e-letters with done-for-you income streams. Most done-for-you income streams come with pre-written e-letters you can use. Some e-letters work well. Some don't. That's why I developed a set of preloaded 180 days worth of ready made highest-converting affiliate emails that work with any niche, any product and has the potential to generate sales on a daily basis. This will help you follow up with your leads for months on complete auto-pilot plus, they are optimized for affiliate offers so you increase your income.

Done-for-you landing pages -- no need to struggle to build complicated sales funnels, opt-in pages. The Super Affiliate Bot has already 15 Fully Built-in High Converting Capture Pages, and connected to top affiliate products. Plug this in watch streams of recurring commissions roll in.

1-Click Install -- all you need to do to profit with the super affiliate bot is swap out your affiliate ID and click launch. You just have to personalize the system so that YOU get the affiliate commissions

I want you to have it free, if you act fast, because it will substantially improve your results from E-Automation.

$200 VALUE

free first 100 prospect clicks

One of the most important elements in building a large responsive email list of people who will buy affiliate products is attracting the right type of people. Let me help you make your first sale by sending 100 targeted prospects from my new better than solo ads traffic source to your super affiliate bot affiliate link, as soon as you join. 

These are people who have already signaled interest in the preloaded affiliate offers of your super affiliate bot, so you can be sure they're primed and ready to buy from you. Only for people who take the one-pay option here.

This is a 100% exclusive bonus only for the members of my affiliate automation academy masterclass.

Get it for free when you act before the timer on this page expires!

$497 VALUE

me (15 spots only)

Would you like for a super affiliate look into your affiliate marketing and tell you what you're doing wrong for free?

Then you're going to love this fast action bonus.
Immediately after you join, you'll receive an email from [email protected] with a link to register for a 30-minute consultation with me. 

During consultation, you'll answer some questions about your situation, previous affiliate marketing experience and dream income. 

Based on your answers, I'll give you an audit of what you're doing wrong and what you need to get you to super affiliate income as fast as possible.

From time to time, I'm paid for E-Automation consultancy by companies of all sizes, and my hourly rate is $500. You'll get my consultancy for free.

I'm not passing you off to one of my team members - you're getting me and my full undivided attention.

Once all 15 spots for the one-to-one consultancy are taken this bonus will be withdrawn.

Get it free when you act before the timer on this page expires!

$497 VALUE

affiliate campaign critique coupon

Want to get a super-affiliate opinion on your next affiliate campaign? 

Inside this bonus, I'll happily review your affiliate campaign in full detail (one time) and give you my honest feedback about how to make it more profitable.

This fast action bonus is easily worth $497, but I won't charge you a penny. 

Have it free when you pull the trigger on my affiliate automation academy masterclass.

$9,997 VALUE

guaranteed approval & 90% commission bump

One of the toughest things to get as a new affiliate marketer is approval into good affiliate programs. 

Thing is, vendors look at your track record to know whether you're legit, whether you're sending good traffic and whether you're going to bring the heat. 

In their experience, most people applying for affiliate programs aren't "quality affiliates".

This makes it really hard to get approved into good programs that convert well and pay well. For that reason I've decided to give you an upper hand with Affiliate Automation Academy affiliate program (90% commission) that is closed to the general public.

We run a private-invite-only affiliate program for 30%.

Affiliate Automation Academy members get guaranteed approval plus 90% commission bump. Yes, even if you're a "nobody!"

Get it free when you pull the trigger on my affiliate automation academy masterclass.

$3,000 VALUE

5 weekly group coaching sessions with me

Would you like to get your questions answered as soon as they arise, so you don't get stuck? 

I invite you to grab a free seat in my Get-It-Done Friday sessions where we'll get on group coaching calls every week.

Get it free when you act before the timer on this page expires!


$2,697 VALUE

free vacation

YES! This is Real! Stop dreaming and start packing!

You're just one step away from snagging a FREE vacation voucher that lets you enjoy up to 7 nights in one of over 1,800 stunning locations across 37 countries.

This isn't your typical holiday – we're talking about luxurious accommodations, personalized insights, and unforgettable experiences that will make your Instagram followers green with envy.

Yes, there are some small taxes and surcharges to pay on some resorts, but trust us, they're worth every penny!

We've partnered with a company that gives away empty resort rooms, so you know you're getting the real deal.

This is a 100% exclusive bonus only for the members of my AAA masterclass who act fast.

I want you to have it for free, if you act fast and start planning your dream vacation. Your passport is waiting!"

here's a recap of everything you're going to get inside your

affiliate automation academy special offer!

"Enroll in affiliate automation academy masterclass now (just $197)...

and you'll get every other bonus shown above For FREE!!!"

Lifetime Access To All 5 Modules Of AAA Masterclass ($997 Value)
180 Days Done-For-You follow-up Affiliate Emails ($1,997 Value)
Done-for-you Bot Landing Pages ($497 Value)
secret traffic source for budget of under $150 ($997 Value)
secret traffic source for budget of over $150 ($997 Value)
Bonus #1: 1-Click Install Super Affiliate Bot in a box ($9,997 Value)
Bonus #2: free first 100 Prospects clicks ($200 Value)
Bonus #3: free 1-on-1 personal consultation ($497 Value)
Bonus #4: Affiliate campaign critique coupon ($497 Value)
Bonus #5: guaranteed approval + 90% commission bump ($9,997 value)
Bonus #6: Weekly 60-Minute 'Get-It-Done' Friday Group Sessions With Claude ($3,000 Value)
Bonus #7: FREE Vacation ($2,697 Value)

total value: $32,370

you will get all of this for the low

one-time price of...

just $197!

But you must act RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow...

not next week...

If you click away from this page, this offer will be gone forever.

"What sets the AAA Masterclass apart from other affiliate marketing programs is the level of care and attention given to each student's progression. With Claude and his team's unwavering support and guidance, I was able to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in my affiliate marketing career."


Disclaimer: your results may vary

"I had tried my hand at internet marketing before, but I always seemed to hit a roadblock. It wasn't until I discovered Affiliate Automation Academy that I finally saw some real progress. Claude's traffic methods were a game-changer, and they allowed me to reach a much wider audience than I ever thought possible. His guidance was clear and concise, and he helped me avoid all the common mistakes that I had been making. If you want to succeed in internet marketing, this is the course for you."


Disclaimer: your results may vary

the value of this offer is unprecedented

I give you every single thing you need to turn clicks into BUYERS that buy over and over again!

Right now (for a VERY limited time) I put together this special offer because you've shown you're an action taker AND want to be successful online

Your mission should you choose to accept it -- is to get started now so you can design, market & become a proud owner of an E-Database that's at least 1,000 email addresses big or more with your E-Automation system in the next 30 days (or less), even if you don't have any previous experience

I've always been passionate about entrepreneurship and wanted to start my own business. However, the idea of starting from scratch was daunting. That's when I met Claude and learned about E-Automation. The method's automated systems have allowed me to start my own business with ease and generate passive income streams that have exceeded my expectations. I'm now able to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams without sacrificing my personal life, and it's all thanks to E-Automation and Claude.

-Carolyn shadrach

Disclaimer: your results may vary


Enroll in the masterclass and if you haven’t become a proud owner of an E-Database that's at least 1,000-email addresses big or haven’t made your first commission from the done for you affiliate products in the next 30 days - just email me at [email protected] for a no questions asked refund. You don’t need to prove you’ve tried it, you don’t need to justify anything or go through an interrogation - just say “I don’t want it anymore” and I’ll buy it back from you no questions asked!

WHy enroll in "affiliate automation academy masterclass" today?

effortless passive income

Most attempts to set up passive income streams fail because they use outdated methods and systems. On the other hand Affiliate Automation Academy comes with a done-for-you system that's constantly updated to ensure conversions. Enjoy passive income from affiliate marketing without talking to people or actively "promoting" anything. Let the E-Automation system do the marketing and selling for you.

automatically build a quality email list

Fact: the money is on the list. But you're stuck because it's a time-consuming process that requires a lot of capital and energy. E-Automation systems are the 21st century capture pages - your E-Automation system is set up to lead the prospect down the path of taking action - purchase or opt-in or both. Use your E-Automation system to put real engaged leads on your email list to build a real money-making asset. 


There is no cap on how many money-making E-Automation systems you can have running for you at the same time. Set up multiple E-Automations to earn multiple streams of income.

affiliate marketing on steroids

Earn without creating a product, offering a service, keeping customers happy, or worrying about the marketing material. And you’ll even discover secret strategies that can double, triple and even quadruple your income.

make more money with automation

Make money by having your E-Automation system do the work for you. No more trying to close sales by chatting or posting. The E-Automation system do it for you. Plus, it's optimized for affiliate conversions (it can't screw it up).

Make money from anywhere

You could be at home watching a movie, out with friends or on a trip to Hawaii while your E-Automation is working for you.

make commissions in any niche

You don't need to be an expert in any niche to make money because your E-Automation system is set up and optimized for you by real experts.

how to track campaigns?

You can't improve what you don't measure. Find out how to easily track clicks, email optins, sales, impressions and more using 1 easy to use software. Free 14-day account for AAAM members only!


Let’s be honest - affiliate marketing can get very technical for an average person. So I created the least technical path for a beginner to take. It still involves doing all kinds of technical stuff, only I removed the guesswork. I tell you which tools to use, show you on screen how to use them, when to use them and how to avoid paying for tools if you possibly can. 

unlimited traffic

Find out the one go-to traffic source I use to promote affiliate offers profitably even in saturated niche markets where traffic cost is really high for most affiliate marketers. This is an evergreen source that grows and welcomes new buyers all the time. Best part? It's affordable to generate visitors when you follow the Affiliate Automation Academy system so you don't have to overextend yourself financially.


Your E-Automation system is already preloaded with high-converting and high-paying done-for-you income streams to set yourself up for success in today’s economy.

How to get approved to promote the best affiliate programs?

The best affiliate program owners vet their affiliates, because they don’t like the idea of having everyone and their brother push their offers. Here’s how to get in on the hottest affiliate programs even if you’ve got zero street cred in affiliate marketing.

what affiliate networks to work with?

There are so many… where should you start? Discover my 3 go-to networks that are perfect for starting a new affiliate marketing business.

how to skip guesswork?

Time is your most precious resource. Save time by following the shortest path to the results you want with affiliate marketing

how to build landing pages without a website & domain name?

You should never send traffic directly to your affiliate link, because you will get lower conversions. Get my proven affiliate E-Automation landing page to increase your conversions when promoting affiliate offers. Plus, build a responsive email list in the process -- no need for a website or domain name here!

how to promote multiple offers at the same time?

Who said you should only promote one affiliate program? The beauty of affiliate automation academy is you can build multiple automated campaigns simultaneously. Your E-Automation system is preloaded with hundreds of products and offers in the most popular categories.

Watch the demo

want to see how easy the system is? 

just press play and watch this quick video!

Still have a few questions...

check out the answers to these affiliate automation academy masterclass FAQ's

What is Affiliate Automation Academy?

Affiliate Automation Academy is a revolutionary new system that simplifies the process of making online commissions with affiliate marketing. With Affiliate Automation Academy there are no products to create, websites to host, copy to write, or techie stuff to figure out!

Exactly How Does Affiliate Automation Academy Work?

It's Easy...

STEP 1: Click the "Enroll Now" button on this page to start your 30 day risk free guarantee. If you like the system, you can keep it, if not just email at [email protected] for a no questions asked refund.

STEP 2: Follow the super EASY INSTRUCTIONS to get your system up and running (or choose to have us set the system up for you).

STEP 3: Order some done-for-you traffic to your system based on your budget and from there, the system builds your list and promotes affiliate products for you while you sleep.

Every time someone buys one of the affiliate products your system is promoting, YOU keep 100% of the commissions paid to you!

Do I Need Prior Experience Or Training?

NO - The Affiliate Automation Academy System is 100% newbie-friendly. So, even if you're a complete newbie, you can use this system with ease.

But just in case you're nervous, we also have a private Facebook community, ongoing trainings (for FREE), and you can even get private 1-on-1 coaching!

What Makes Affiliate Automation Academy Different From The Rest?

The #1 difference that separates Affiliate Automation Academy System from everything else is the simplicity of the process. All of the affiliate bot funnels, emails, etc... are already done for you. You just have to personalize the system so that YOU get the affiliate commissions. The system answers the #1 question that keeps most people from ever getting results: “What do I do next?”

Most other systems claim to be easy and “non-techie”... but they’re not! Affiliate Automation Academy really is! Heck, we even provide a done-for-you traffic service (based on your budget) so that you don’t have to figure out how to get targeted traffic to your new affiliate funnels.

What Type Of Results Can I Expect From Affiliate Automation Academy?

I have no earthly idea. The FASTEST we’ve ever seen someone make their first commission with this system is 48 hours. But that’s not typical.

That being said, it’s not uncommon for our members to start seeing people on their email list their very first week, and even see their first affiliate sale shortly thereafter. Ultimately your results are based 100% on YOUR efforts and your ability to follow exact instructions.

But What About Traffic, Copywriting, Finding Products, And All The Other Stuff I'll Need To Do?

You don’t have to worry about any of that stuff, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve been helping people succeed online for more than 9 years, so we know the challenges and obstacles in your way better than you know them yourself.

All we ask it that you trust that we’ve removed the obstacles for you, and give the system a try TODAY!

What Are All The Costs Involved?

Great question. As you already know, getting everything set up by yourself would easily cost thousands of dollars. But you won't have to pay anything close to that with our system. 

Here's a Breakdown

- You keep the system for as little as a one time payment of $67 or two payments of $39 

- Your bot building software (which allows you to make sales while you sleep), is only $15/month, also has prebuilt email auto-responder, and drag and drop landing pages as well.

- And then your traffic is based on YOUR budget!

Is This A "Get Rich-Quick" Program?

NO! This is “Get Everything Up and Running QUICK”. Ultimately, your success will be based on your consistency. But you already know that.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

YES! - We offer a 30-Day, Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. If for ANY reason you feel that we didn’t deliver everything that we claimed on this page, or if you're just not happy with the results you are getting from Affiliate Automation Academy, simply submit a refund request within the refund period, and we will return every single penny to you.

Is There Anything Else I Have To Do Once My System Is Set Up?

That depends on how much money you want to make and how much success you want to have. If you want to be able to create commissions on demand, the most important thing you can do is join our free trainings and hang out with us in our private Facebook group. Once your system is up and running, I'll show you how to 3X... 5X... or even 10X your results by learning a few key skills you can complete in about 5 hours a week!

How Do I Get Started?


STEP 1. Click the button on this page to enroll in the masterclass.

STEP 2. Follow super easy instructions. THAT'S IT!


OR CALL US AT +32 (489) 14 99 88

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one final message before your confirmation page...

WAIT - I really don't want you to miss out on this amazing masterclass

Get instant access for just $97! 

For the first time ever, you can upgrade to the Affiliate Automation Academy Masterclass Experience for just $67 2 monthly payments of $97. We know how much this will elevate your experience and how much you will love "AAA Masterclass" access, replays for life, and all of the bonuses shown below, so we created this special payment plan just for you!

Lifetime Access To All 5 Modules Of AAA Masterclass ($997 Value)
180 Days Done-For-You Follow-Up Affiliate Emails ($1,997 Value)
Done-For-You Bot Landing Pages ($497 Value)
Secret Traffic Source For Budget Of Under $150 ($997 Value)
Secret Traffic Source For Budget Of Over $150 ($997 Value)
Bonus #1: 1-Click Install Super Affiliate Bot In A Box ($9,997 Value)
Bonus #2: Free First 100 Prospects Clicks ($200 Value)
Bonus #3: Free 1-On-1 Personal Consultation ($497 Value)
Bonus #4: Affiliate Bot Campaign Critique Coupon ($497 Value)
Bonus #5: Guaranteed Approval + 90% Commission Bump ($9,997 Value)
Bonus #6: Weekly 60-Minute 'Get-It-Done' Friday Group Sessions With Claude ($3,000 Value)
Fast Action Bonus #7: FREE Vacation ($2,697 Value)

total value: $32,370