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1-click install done-for-you super affiliate bot

I've built you an entire super affiliate chatbot in a box which you can clone with just a few clicks using a special piece of software. 

Plus, all you need to do to profit with the super affiliate bot is swap out your affiliate ID and click launch. You just have to personalize the system so that YOU get the affiliate commissions

I want you to have it free, if you act fast, because it will substantially improve your results from E-Automation.

$3,200 VALUE

6 Month done-for-you e-letters 

Super affiliates make money by mailing e-letters with done-for-you income streams. Most done-for-you income streams come with pre-written e-letters you can use. Some e-letters work well. Some don't. 

That's why I developed a set of preloaded 6 months worth of ready made highest-converting affiliate emails that work with any niche, any product and has the potential to generate sales on a daily basis. 

This will help you follow up with your leads for months on complete auto-pilot plus, they are optimized for affiliate offers so you increase your income.

Get it for free when you act before the timer on this page expires!

$1,297 VALUE

done-for-you e-landing pages

No need to struggle to build complicated sales funnels, opt-in pages. 

The E-Automation system has already 15 Fully Built-in High Converting Capture Pages, and connected to top affiliate products. Plug this in watch streams of recurring commissions roll in.

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$2,000 VALUE

priority support

We’ve got a strict no student left behind policy. 

If you have any questions, you can email or call us.

I employ a dedicated support staff just so you have someone to talk to when you need them.

Expect fast replies to your emails with specific "do this, do that" advice. 

This fast action bonus is worth $2,000 because that’s how much I pay my support staff to be there for you.

$997 VALUE

FREE lifetime updates

The E-Automation tools and strategies tend to evolve over time.

When they do, I update the system to ensure you're following the most up to date blueprint with the highest probability of success.

These updates won't cost you a penny extra.

$1,997 VALUE

done-for-you lead magnets

Let me make you proficient at using E-Automation without all the boring technical details.

You can think of it as a crash course in driving without having to bother with understanding engines, transmissions, fuel injection, and cooling systems.
Just the essentials!

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$4,997 VALUE

claude's e-automation instant traffic shortcut

The more your e-database grows, the more it will make. Key to success in growing your e-automation business is being able to quickly and cheaply generate lots of email addresses on autopilot. 

That's exactly what I'm showing you inside this bonus. 

I’m solving your traffic problem for good, by sharing with you an affordable automated traffic source that’s perfect for the kind of offers we’re going to promote together

Have it free when you pull the trigger on my affiliate automation academy masterclass.

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high paying done-for-you income streams rolodex

I'm always testing new income streams to find the best ones. Want to have my most up-to-date winner hotlist?

Then you’re going to love this fast-action bonus.

Maximize your income by using the top done-for-you income streams. Get paid more money in less time.

I'm sharing my treasure chest of affiliate offers that pay anywhere from 497 to 1,997 per sale. These offers aren't available to the general public.

You don’t have to invest hours into research or go through trial and error to discover the best income streams. I’ve done it for you.

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$497 VALUE

ME (15 spots only)

Would you like for a super affiliate look into your affiliate marketing and tell you what you're doing wrong for free? Then you're going to love this fast action bonus.

Immediately after you join, you'll receive an email from [email protected] with a link to register for a 30-minute consultation with me.

During consultation, you'll answer some questions about your situation, previous affiliate marketing experience and dream income.

Based on your answers, I'll give you an audit of what you're doing wrong and what you need to get you to super affiliate income as fast as possible.

From time to time, I'm paid for E-Automation consultancy by companies of all sizes, and my hourly rate is $500. You'll get my consultancy for free.

I'm not passing you off to one of my team members - you're getting me and my full undivided attention.

Once all 15 spots for the one-to-one consultancy are taken this bonus will be withdrawn.

$200 VALUE

free first 100 prospect clicks

One of the most important elements in building a large responsive email list of people who will buy affiliate products is attracting the right type of people. Let me help you make your first sale by sending 100 targeted prospects from my new better than solo ads traffic source to your super affiliate bot affiliate link, as soon as you join.

These are people who have already signaled interest in the preloaded affiliate offers of your super affiliate bot, so you can be sure they're primed and ready to buy from you. Only for people who take the one-pay option here.

This is a 100% exclusive bonus only for the members of my affiliate automation academy masterclass.

$497 VALUE

1 FRee affiliate campaign critique 

Want to get a super-affiliate opinion on your next affiliate campaign? 

Inside this bonus I'll happily review your affiliate campaign in full detail (one time) and give you my honest feedback about how to make it more profitable.

This fast action bonus is easily worth $497, but I won't charge you a penny.

$9,997 VALUE

90% commission bump

One of the toughest things to get as a new affiliate marketer is approval into good affiliate programs.

Thing is, vendors look at your track record to know whether you're legit, whether you're sending good traffic and whether you're going to bring the heat.
In their experience, most people applying for affiliate programs aren't "quality affiliates".

This makes it really hard to get approved into good programs that convert well and pay well. For that reason I've decided to give you an upper hand with Affiliate Automation Academy affiliate program (90% commission) that is closed to the general public.

We run a private-invite-only affiliate program for 30%.
Affiliate Automation Academy members get guaranteed approval plus 90% commission bump. Yes, even if you're a "nobody!"

Get it free when you pull the trigger on my affiliate automation academy masterclass.

$997 VALUE

5 day list building challenge

Super email affiliates make money by mailing e-letters with done-for-you income streams.

Most done-for-you income streams come with pre-written e-letters you can use.

Some e-letters work well. Some don't. That's why I developed the 5-Day List Building Challenge where I break down the exact strategy I use to build a high profit email list in 5 days.

This fast action bonus is easily worth $997, but I won’t charge you a penny.

$3,997 VALUE

6 month coaching with me

Would you like to get your questions answered as soon as they arise, so you don't get stuck? I invite you to grab a free seat in my coaching program where we'll get on calls every month and talk in the community group every day.

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Enroll in the masterclass and if you haven’t become a proud owner of at least 1,000-big Email database and/or haven’t made your first commission from the done for you affiliate products - just email me at [email protected] for a no questions asked refund. You don’t need to prove you’ve tried it, you don’t need to justify anything or go through an interrogation - just say “I don’t want it anymore” and I’ll buy it back from you no questions asked!

why enroll in affiliate automation academy masterclass today?

fun & ethical way to make money

You'll be proud to tell your friends and family what you're doing. People will also thank you for all the value and solutions you're providing to them. Plus, you'll experience the most fun you've ever had in your life.

productive way to use your free time...

If you already have some free time on your hands, e-automation is a great way to turn it into a semi-passive income. It only takes a few hours a week to make a lucrative income with E-Automation.

build source of income that lasts into your retirement years

If you recently realized you're going to run out of money before you'll run out of life, then you can use e-automation to build a passive source of income that can support your retirement lifestyle.

give yourself a praise (but don't tell your boss)

If you're taking a decent job, but still find yourself struggling to afford things you want, then E-Automation can be an easy way to create a 2nd stream of income to ease the financial freedom.

stop being poor

Struggling with bills, driving crappy cars, only shopping on Black Friday and working until you die is no way to live. Let me show you how to earn passive income with E-Automation.

Earn more, travel more, live more

Life can go by fast when you're working a dead end job. Before you know it, you might be regretting not having crossed some things off your bucket list. Act before it's too late.

Exploit unique opportunity

You've got a chance to leverage a rare opportunity by putting yourself in a powerful situation. How many of such opportunities did you come across in your lifetime?  How many times did you say "no?" How many times did you regret it? Don't make the same mistake -- enroll now!

Don't buy that yacht just yet

You won't make millions overnight, but $5,000 per month is realistic. Enough to pay the bills, get out of debt, get a new car and go on vacation a couple of times a year.

how else can you get rich... realistically?

Do you go to school to acquire a new skill like HVAC or something? Do you go back to college? Let's be honest. It's either too expensive or too late. You've got a real chance with E-Automation. Try it, you've got nothing to lose because I'm backing you up with a 30-day guarantee.

Those idiots are making a ton of money, why not you?

Ever wonder why people less intelligent, less deserving and less hard-working than you make more than you? It comes down to a method, a system... a proven way of leveraging the marketplace for profit. They're doing it. Why not you?


Thanks to stumbling into E-Automation a few years ago, Claude was able to fire two bosses (paying the bills traditionally requires twice the effort) and start making $100 a day online despite having no previous experience.

Recently he developed an automated strategy to help average people start earning an income online through E-Automation.

Claude would love to share his wisdom with you so you can also take advantage of the automated list building lifestyle, regardless of whether you have any previous experience.


OR CALL US AT +32 (489) 14 99 88

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